Emilienne (Emily)

The founder and creator of the Weave Solution, Emily was born in the West Coast of Africa and her family brought her to Europe in her teenage years. After graduating with an International Business degree, this freelance linguist and ex-fashion model grew curious about the hair extension industry.


It was during a runway show in Paris that she realized that there was a lack of professionalism when it came to hairstylists adding hair extensions, quick weaves, and tracks. The damage she saw on a lot of models hair lines and heads left her wondering and curious about the hair extensions industry.


In 2001, during a fashion show in Madrid, Spain, she realized her true passion for beauty and hair. She decided to get in touch with one of the hair extensions manufacturers that was present at a beauty expo to try to learn as much as she could about the industry.


After that day, Emily became a member of the growing business of Hair Extensions in Europe, specializing in Fusion, Micro-links and Shrinkies amongst other styles.


She went on to opening her first Hair Studio in Geneva, Switzerland and years later, she moved to California where she lived and worked in her own salon for 10 years in Hollywood.  To further perfect her craft, she decided to go back to school while working in Hollywood.  Emily successfully completed her 1600hours at her Beauty School, and went on to pass her California State Board license in both Cosmetology and as an Instructor.


She travels back and forth for clients allover Europe on the East Coast and also down South. Recently Emily moved to Atlanta and now works on some movie sets, fashion shows and for private clients, including TV Personalities.


She has been called “The Growing Hands” and has testimonials that will back up her nickname!  Her clients experience visible hair growth within months while under her total care. Not only does she cares about her client's look but she will make sure that the right products are used according to her clients hair's condition as well as texture.


If you are looking for an expert in Hair Extensions and someone who will bring your lost/broken EDGES back, Emily is your STYLIST!




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